About Us

Elle Consulting was established by Melissa Moog and Liza Lamparas in 2017. These experienced, professional, collaborative and well networked women founded our company with over 20 years and Master's level of experience combined to provide our local community with effective, personalized HR and staffing solutions. Under their leadership, we help business professionals find fulfilling career opportunities. Simultaneously, we assist companies in developing their HR strategies and choosing the most suitable candidates for their job openings.

Our team is extremely knowledgeable about the industry, and our expertise includes:

  • ♣ Full Cycle Recruiting
  • ♣ On Boarding
  • ♣ Payroll
  • ♣ Project based HR
  • ♣ Strategic Sourcing/Assessing Hiring Trends
  • ♣ Performance Management
  • ♣ Organizational/Leadership Development

Our business has four core strengths: professionalism, compassion, integrity, and initiative. We make sure to reflect these on whatever we do so that we can continually provide you with quality talents and services.

In addition, our team loves building relationships and working with people. Because we are client-oriented, we spend time listening to your concerns and analyzing your requests and criteria. This way, we can deliver exceptional customer service and provide you with HR and staffing solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Compassionate Team
  • Customized Staffing Services
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • More Than 18 Years of Industry Experience
  • Women-Owned Business

Our Mission

Providing small businesses & individual clients with HR resources to develop their talent pool & assist clients by strengthening their job search skills.

Work With Us

We have a master-level education with a specialization, and we have plenty of professional, hands-on experience in our primary fields—healthcare and technology. Additionally, we are skilled in harvesting corporate relationships. Regardless of your career or business goal, we have the necessary skills, tools, and knowledge to help you achieve it.

Our team can provide business professionals with rewarding opportunities that can launch their careers. What’s more, we can keep businesses sustainable by recruiting the most appropriate job candidates and supplying their need for long-term human resources. When you turn to us, we will work hard to give you the best possible options.